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CS:GO Release Date Announced

Comments 0 By UK JIMMAK in CS:GO News on Friday 08 June @ 13:23


The date of release for the highly anticipated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been just announced by Valve. The price has also been announced, dispelling rumours the game would be working on a free-to-play microtransaction model that they had adopted for DoTA 2.

The game will see a full release on the 21st of August and the game is going to cost $15 on all platforms, showing that a console release is still very much in their plans.

Recent updates have shown the game continue to develop, including the introduction of up to 15 vs 15 servers that will likely be used for publics and future updates are likely to come at the rate of one per week until the final release.

Given the price of the finished game is to be set at far less than a full retail release, there's likely to be a lot of people who purchased their CS:GO beta keys for a far greater amount kicking themselves.